Frontiers of Thought was conceived in 2006, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, aiming to offer a wide understanding of social, economic, cultural, and political changes of the period. In 2007, in its first edition, it already featured more than 40 internationally known intellectuals giving lectures throughout the year, gaining fame in national media due to the project’s magnitude.

The event’s role in Brazil keeps on growing, as well as the complexity of the so-called world crisis and the deep changes in the ways of thinking the present and conceiving the future. The thinkers reflecting upon the world are joined by the social actors building it, either by stopping civil wars or rebuilding nations destroyed by conflict. In 2011, new cities join the initiative. Florianópolis and Salvador keep on hosting the special series while São Paulo begins its annual season, a tradition already in Porto Alegre, ensuring not only the growing interest of the public but also the repercussion of its discussions throughout the cities.

In 2015, Frontiers of Thought proposes the search for harmony between ideas that might appear opposed. Under the theme How to live together, guests go onstage to discuss how, in times of ideological wars, we can face divergence by apprehending the other and learning the world.