Frontiers of Thought was conceived in 2006, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, aiming to offer a wide understanding of social, economic, cultural, and political changes of the period. In 2007, in its first edition, it already featured more than 40 internationally known intellectuals giving lectures throughout the year, gaining fame in national media due to the project’s magnitude.

With great exposure on national media, Frontiers of Thought has become a cultural reference. For more than a decade now, the project has been presenting each year the most important names when it comes to thinking about the different planetary challenges that hatched out all around the globe. At the same time, Frontiers expanded its activities, promoting annual seasons in São Paulo and Porto Alegre and special series in Salvador, besides a myriad of initiatives and partnerships across the Brazilian territory.

Throughout the project’s history, more than 170 thousand people have attended to more than 200 international conferences. On Frontiers’ stages, Brazil participates in the main global debates through the voices of Edgar Morin, António Damásio, Michael Sandel, Amartya Sen, Christopher Hitchens, Amós Oz, David Lynch, Mohamed ElBaradei, Thomas Piketty, Wim Wenders, Philip Glass, Howard Gardner, Steven Pinker, Manuel Castells and dozens of other great names.